Watch Repair

First People Jewelers family and staff understand that while all jewelry items are valuable, it’s often the sentimental value that’s worth the most. With over 55 years of jewelry craftsmanship as the First People Jewelers family legacy, we understand the precision and attention to detail that is essential for repairing, restoring, or remaking a piece of fine jewelry.

Services Included:

Battery replacements

Battery replacements cost $15-$20 per watch. Some watches require more than one battery. If this is the case there will be a $5 charge per additional battery.

Crystal replacement

If your watch has a scratched crystal, our watchmaker can polish or replace the crystal after an estimate give it brand new life.

Link adjustments

We can adjust almost any watches links for you in a matter on minutes. Cost is $10 per watch

Cleaning and polishing

We offer clean and polishing services for most watches. Please bring your watch by and we give you a quote immediately.

Watch strap replacement

We have a variety of cloth and leather watch bands to choose from. If we don't have one that suits your taste, we can order one and have it promptly. We will put the band on your watch for no charge.


If your watch becomes magnetized, it can start acting erraticallly, or even stop functioning all together. Our watchmaker can restore your timepiece to working order

Water damage repair

If the internals of your watch are exposed to water act promptly and bring it to us for restoration.

Restoration Pressure testing

To keep your watch safe from water we offer pressure testing to ensure the integrity watertight seal. This is recommended yearly for dive watches.