Whats NEXT ?

There I was graduating high school and being tasked with the decision of figuring out what I wanted to do in my life.. 

I had always heard of GIA and how they graded diamonds and issued grading certificates but that was about it. So one summer, little by little, I started doing my research. 

I found out that I could enroll in a course about diamond's and start learning everything there was to know about them. I figured that would be a great start to my career and would get me in the door of the jewelry industry. Considering First People's Jewelers specializes in engagement rings!  

I started the Diamond Course at GIA in Carlsbad, California ( literally right on the beach, so beautiful ) and ever since I have been HOOKED on finding out everything there is to know about the jewelry industry! I felt right at home and became more obsessed every month I was enrolled. Building until I felt that I was fully informed on everything there was to know about diamonds and would be able to help my customers find their perfect diamond.

But my obsession with the jewelry industry and gemstones didn't stop there.. little did I know that was only the beginning.